Customize a shower room space suitable for a family of 4

For southern families, customize a dry and wet separation shower room? This problem is almost non-existent, must!

About the role of customizing a safe and comfortable Braatus shower room:

● Shower room can make the bathroom dry and wet separation, to avoid ground water, to avoid children and the elderly safety risks.

● Shower room can keep the bathroom dry, avoid the bathroom other daily necessities to touch the water, thus reducing the growth of bacteria.

● The use of the shower room can reduce the fog of the bathroom because of the shower products, and extend the service life of the bathroom appliances and walls.

● Autumn and winter bathing is very easy to catch cold, shower room can reduce heat dissipation, keep the temperature in the shower room, warm bath.

So how to customize the Bratus shower room for a family of four?

For southern families, shower room or not? This problem is almost non-existent, must! The shower room has many benefits, which can make the bathroom look clean and refreshing, achieve dry and wet separation, keep dry, people are comfortable, and bacteria grow less. Less water vapor in the bathroom can also extend the service life of various appliances in the bathroom. The barrier of the shower room can effectively reduce the probability of the elderly and children slipping when taking a bath, or reduce the degree of injury when slipping.

And the north is drier, is it necessary to install a shower room? Bratus bathroom used to think that it could not be installed, and after bathing in the northern region, the water stains on the floor of the bathroom dried in an hour or two. Until something happened recently that changed my mind.

Nowadays, most of the newly renovated middle and high-end shower rooms use dry and wet separation, and generally installed shower rooms, using tempered glass with explosion-proof film, or laminated glass, which is both safe and strong and ductile. Bratus Bathroom shower room is made of tempered glass, which is strong and flexible.