BURATUS, originating from Hamburg, Germany, is a premium bathroom brand specializing in custom shower enclosures, hardware, niches, floor drains, and other bathroom products. Combining the minimalist and European fashion styles, BURATUS is dedicated to providing globally consumers with German-designed high-end shower space products. With a core focus on research, design, and independent manufacturing and sales, BURATUS continuously offers German-designed high-end products and strives to deliver exceptional design and quality to consumers worldwide. This is the core philosophy of the BURATUS brand.

Brand Introduction


As a representative of German brands, BURATUS is renowned for its precision manufacturing standards and excellent quality. Embracing the German craftsmanship spirit and strict manufacturing standards, we are committed to combining outstanding quality, innovative design, and advanced technology to create the ultimate bathroom experience for users.

BURATUS places great importance on the integration of technological innovation and user experience. Through intelligent systems and user-friendly design, BURATUS customizes the most suitable shower enclosure products for users based on their bathroom space dimensions, style, and personal preferences.

Brand Background

In the small town of Luneburg, located in the suburbs of Hamburg, Germany, a blacksmith named Bratus Adenauer developed the first shower enclosure in 1966. This innovative concept of dividing the bathroom space had a significant impact on the market. Bratus Adenauer made the decision to leave his traditional job and venture into a new career that held a brighter future than the challenging and dangerous work in his metal workshop. He registered the BURATUS brand with the German Trademark and Patent Office and dedicated himself to the research and production of shower enclosures.

Brand Background

BURATUS is deeply rooted as a high-end brand in European culture, with a clear focus on minimalist design. We meticulously select premium materials and prioritize functionality. The perfect combination of German quality and minimalist design has had a profound impact on the lifestyle and taste across the entire continent. BURATUS, rooted in the heart of Europe, continues to influence the way people live and appreciate the finer things in life.

Brand Story

BURATUS Adenauer

Hans Schmidt

Markus Keller

BURATUS Shower Enclosures is a German brand that specializes in providing high-quality shower enclosure products and solutions. Nurturing the spirit of German craftsmanship and adhering to stringent manufacturing standards, we are dedicated to combining exceptional quality, innovative design, and advanced technology to create the ultimate bathroom experience for our customers. We not only prioritize the quality and functionality of our products but also focus on delivering unique designs and personalized solutions to meet the diverse needs of our users.

Brand Story
Brand Story

After the successful development of various forms of shower enclosures, such as sliding and foldable ones, by Bratus in 1970, the company experienced significant growth. Starting with just a dozen people, the team quickly expanded to 180 members, marking the beginning of comprehensive industrialization. By adopting new technological standards and combining industrialized production with the skilled craftsmanship of rigorously trained employees, BURATUS was able to produce higher-quality products.

Brand Story

Brand Strength

BURATUS’s excellent quality assurance, technological innovation, trend-setting design, favorable customer reputation, and global network support demonstrate its strong brand strength.

Services offered by BURATUS

Excellent quality, personalized customization, innovative design.

Good customer experience, comprehensive after-sales support.

We are committed to providing customers with excellent experiences and unparalleled satisfaction. Putting customers at the center, we focus on surpassing their expectations and creating perfect bathroom solutions for them.